Rise of Estonian underground culture

Post-soviet union millennials revolutionising underground culture. 

We've been super lucky in finding incredible talents from all across the world to collaborate with and incredibly stoked to shed some light on our top boy Silver Mikiver's past, present and future.


 Tell us a bit about yourself? ( standard )

I am from Tallinn, Estonia and have been studying Photography for couple of years, which has been quite useful and have met lot of great people along the way. I am also part of a creative collective - Hooligan Hamlet ( http://life.hooliganhamlet.com/ ) formed in Tallinn.

What exactly Hooligan Hamlet do?

It's a production company / online magazine and the people I have been working with are absolutely talented. Once I've graduated, definitely wanna travel around but also direct my energy into developing Hooligan Hamlet even further. 

How would you describe your aesthetic?

Clean. Minimal. Timeless. Location based. 

Any thoughts on Estonia's subculture in comparison with the UK?

Estonia is tiny and not as developed as the UK which sort of reflects on the subculture. Although UK street / skate / grime subculture is definitely influencing youth and my friends in Estonia. 

Favourite brands?

Right now, I am really into Y3, Stone Island and future Hooligan Hamlet merchandise. 

What is it, that you find awful or cool about the UK?

Ah, awful is a pretty strong word haha. Only thing, I would say is that it can be quite sketchy to walk around with my camera equipment in some areas lol.

Apart from that, I love the diversity here. It's refreshing to take images of people from  different cultures and backgrounds.

I am definitely planning to photograph as many individuals as possible while I am here. 

If you got a choice to live all your life in one place, where would it be and why?

I grew up very close to the nature, so New Zealand kinda feels like a fitting choice. I would go to Queenstown because you could literally snowboard, skateboard and surf all in one day and the weather is pretty insane. So, yeah.