Surf * Skate* Shoot*

Catch up with Liam Gillie - Film Photographer from Perth, Australia. And seriously talented.


 Q1: Fill us up about Australian youth?

Australia is full of people from all corners of the world and that diversity is what makes Australia so great. Most if not all of my friends have roots to a different country and I love that, everyone brings something different to the table, it opens up your eyes to so much more and stops you from getting stuck in one mindset or way of doing things.


Q2:  HATE/LOVE thing about Australia…

Hate – The heat

Love – Beaches


Q3: How’s music/skate scene looking up in your home turf?

More and more people are getting into music and we are seeing a lot of talent coming up which is really good.

In the way of skating its cool to see some new parks popping up and some nice skate oriented zines such as Bilde paper.


Q4: Do you feel, you would have more work-related opportunities and meet like-minded people, if you were to move to London, Paris/Berlin?

Bigger city doesn’t always mean bigger opportunity. Perth is great, it’s the perfect size for networking as everyone knows everyone and I feel like there’s so many opportunities to start new things, that may already be set in other bigger cities. As much as being in a bigger city could help me it might also be the thing that stops me from breaking out from the crowd.


Q5: How’s your future looking bright/dark or just dazed?

Bright, always bright, when you surround yourself with the right people, work hard and love what you do you always know there’s good things ahead.


Q6: Any upcoming projects you’ve been working on?

Most of my effort goes into @foolishzine rather than personal projects but I will hopefully have something out in the coming months.

FINAL Question



Have to choose New York and London purely for the look and feel of those cities.