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Surf * Skate* Shoot*

Catch up with Liam Gillie - Film Photographer from Perth, Australia. And seriously talented. @liamgillie  Q1: Fill us up about Australian youth? Australia is full of people from all corners of the world and that diversity is what makes Australia so great. Most if not all of my friends have roots to a different country and I love that, everyone brings something different to the table, it opens up your eyes to so much more and stops you from getting stuck in one mindset or way of doing things.   Q2:  HATE/LOVE thing about Australia… Hate – The heat Love – Beaches   Q3: How’s music/skate scene looking up in your home turf? More and more people are getting into...

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Rise of Estonian underground culture

Post-soviet union millennials revolutionising underground culture.  We've been super lucky in finding incredible talents from all across the world to collaborate with and incredibly stoked to shed some light on our top boy Silver Mikiver's past, present and future.    Tell us a bit about yourself? ( standard ) I am from Tallinn, Estonia and have been studying Photography for couple of years, which has been quite useful and have met lot of great people along the way. I am also part of a creative collective - Hooligan Hamlet ( ) formed in Tallinn. What exactly Hooligan Hamlet do? It's a production company / online magazine and the people I have been working with are absolutely talented. Once I've graduated, definitely wanna travel around but also...

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